Are LED Mirrors Worth It? (for Beginners)

Have you been searching for ways to brighten up your dull mirrors in your bathroom or bedroom? You have definitely come across LED lights for your mirrors, and you may be wondering if they are even worth it and if you will be wasting your hard-earned money. Are LED mirrors worth it?

LED mirrors are worth the money because of the wide variety of benefits they can provide for you and your home. They give you improved lighting for your daily grooming routines, and they ultimately add great value to your home because they make your home more modern, appealing, and energy-efficient.

LED mirrors are a modern invention, and their popularity has increased more and more over the years. Continue reading with us as we give you an entire rundown on LED mirrors and why they will be one of the best choices for your mirrors’ lighting!

Are LED Mirrors Worth It

Why LED Mirrors Are Worth Buying

There are many reasons you will feel like your money was well-spent when you purchased an LED mirror. Let’s go over each of these different reasons, in turn, to help you realize buying a LED mirror may just be one of the best ideas you will ever have when it comes to your home:

LED Mirrors Make For An Improved And More Precise Grooming Experience

LED mirrors are installed with light-emitting diodes or LEDs, and these LEDs ultimately work together with the design of the mirror to provide you with subtle and well-balanced lighting.

The LED’s subtle light source is bright enough to allow you to see your reflection clearly, and makes the perfect light for your facial grooming, as well as applying make-up!

LED Mirrors Are Pleasing To The Eye

Unfortunately, more often than not, you will be able to see the bulb’s reflection in the mirror, and they can quickly take up very valuable headspace on bathrooms with low ceilings or bathrooms that are tight on space.

An LED-backlit mirror, though, will offer you the same amount of light, but it will look so much better!

LED Mirrors Diffuse Lighting

The lighting cast out from a LED mirror is dispersed and causes a soft glow to its near surroundings. The soft light is subtle but is still more than bright enough to provide you with a well-lit reflection without throwing any shade.

LED Mirrors Make For More Accuracy In Colors

The light provided by LED mirrors is very similar to that of natural light, which is highly recommended for the application of beauty products, such as make up.

LED Mirrors Are Comfortable On Your Eyes

Because LED mirrors’ lighting is so soft, you will never get blinded by any glare from the mirror. This makes grooming much more comfortable and very safe for your eyes!

LED Mirrors Increase The Value Of Your Home

LED mirrors will ultimately make your rooms look more spacious, brighter, and overall, more inviting to guests! While LED mirrors may have come at a more expensive cost than standard mirrors, they can be seen as an investment.

An LED mirror will add hundreds of dollars to the value of your home and save you money along the way!

LED Mirrors Have Countless Beautiful Designs

As mentioned above, it is known as a proven way to boost the value of your home when you make it more appealing. With LED mirrors’ eye-catching qualities and designs, along with the pleasing effect they give to any space, can instantly make any room more aesthetically pleasing.

LED Mirrors Are Energy Efficient

LED mirrors are known to be the most energy-efficient way to light your mirrors, as well as several other parts of your home. It not only saves you heaps of money on your electricity bill, but you will also play a part in caring for your environment!

LED lights use about 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. Plus, when you have an LED mirror present, you won’t have the need to turn on any incandescent lamps or light nearby, so this maximizes your savings! An energy-efficient upgrade is one of the best ways of raising the value of your home!

LED Mirrors Are Easy And Quick To Install

You can simply run a strip of the desired lengths of LED lights behind your mirror and turn it into a DIY project! You can then connect it to a power source, or you can buy a pre-lit LED mirror and have it installed.

Either way, it is much easier and more cost-efficient to install than any other source of light!

LED Mirrors Are Durable And Have A Very Long Lifespan

LED mirrors are well known for having a far superior lifespan when compared to your “normal” lights.

The average LED light has a lifespan of approximately 50 000 hours, which is more than 42 times longer than a traditional incandescent light bulb.

An LED light will cost you roughly 1/6 of that of a traditional light bulb, so maybe you should consider adding them everywhere in your home, and not just in or behind your mirrors!


It’s safe to say that after reading all the reasons why LED mirrors are indeed worth the purchase, you won’t even think twice before running to the electrical store!

LED mirrors are an extremely modern invention, and it’s gaining popularity amongst homeowners all over the world. If you can have a source of light while still caring for your environment, we’d say it’s definitely worth the investment!