Can You Clean Mirrors With Newspaper? (Explained)

Is it time to give your mirrors a clean but wondering whether that old newspaper lying around will do the job? Newspaper has many good uses such as the old tradition of using it to clean windows that seemed to have worked well and is still done today. So, can you also use newspaper to clean mirrors?

Newspapers are excellent mirror cleaners. The tradition of cleaning windows with newspaper will also work for mirrors. Newspaper accompanied with a glass cleaner such as Windex or vinegar and water is an effective cleaning combination for a clean and streak-free mirror.

Newspapers are often underrated. So, let’s look at why you can use newspapers to clean mirrors and explore why this simple paper is good for cleaning mirrors. You might also be interested in how to clean mirrors using newspaper and the benefits that come along with it compared to other alternatives out there.

Can You Clean Mirrors With Newspaper

Can You Use Newspaper To Clean Mirrors?

Cleaning windows with newspaper is a tradition that continues to this day. Mirrors are also made of glass, just like windows. Using newspaper to clean mirrors would be the same as cleaning windows. The glass surface of mirrors and windows is both smooth and non-porous, which means the ink from the wet newspaper will not rub off onto the mirror when cleaning it.

Newspapers are made out of extremely compact fibers. None of these fibers can scratch or mark the mirror’s glass in any way, which makes this paper the perfect cleaning tool to clean mirrors.

How Do You Clean Mirrors With Newspaper?

Cleaning mirrors with newspaper is simple enough, and it is just like cleaning a window. Below are steps to follow to have a clean and streak-free mirror:

Step 1: Choose A Cleaning Product To Use With The Newspaper

Newspaper alone will not clean the mirror. Choose a cleaning product such as Windex mirror cleaner or white vinegar mixed with warm water in a spray bottle to spray the mirror. Newspaper along with your chosen cleaning product is the perfect cleaning combination to get the job done.

Step 2: Spray The Mirror With The Chosen Cleaning Product

Spray the mirror carefully with either the Windex mirror cleaner or white vinegar mixture but only mist it to avoid any dripping, which creates another mess to clean.

Step 3: Wipe The Mirror With The Newspaper

Take a single sheet of newspaper, crumble it up into a ball shape, and wipe the mirror in an “S” motion to lead with the same edge capturing the dirt. Wiping the mirror in a circular motion will only spread the dirt leaving behind streaks. While wiping the mirror with the newspaper, do it with some force to remove stubborn stains, dirt, or grime to get a crystal-clear finish.

Why Is Newspaper Good For Cleaning Mirrors?

Newspapers might be underrated by many people and thrown away after being read, but they are excellent at polishing and cleaning mirrors for various reasons. Below is a list of why newspapers are good for cleaning mirrors:

  • Newspapers are super absorbent. Most papers like magazines are made to be more water-repellent by using a material called sizing. Newspapers do not have this material, so the paper easily soaks up the glass cleaner sprayed onto the mirror instead of smearing it.
  • Newspapers are similar to light sandpaper. The texture of the newspaper is slightly gritty and roughish, which can clean built-up dust, dirt, and grime off of the mirror quite easily without scratching it.
  • The ink used to print newspapers has changed. Most newspapers were printed using petroleum-based ink, which rubbed off onto mirrors or windows when it got wet. Newspapers today are printed using soy-based ink, which does not smear onto the mirrors when cleaning them.
  • Newspapers are lint-free. Paper towels often leave residue and streaks behind when used to clean mirrors because the fibers separate once wet. The compacted fibers that newspapers are made from, prevent the paper from separating and leaving behind lint across the mirror’s glass when cleaning it.
  • Newspapers do not leave streaks on the mirror. The compacted fibers that the newspaper is made from, along with being super absorbent and lint-free, prevent streaks when the mirror is wiped, leaving a crystal-clear finish on the mirror.

Benefits Of Using Newspaper To Clean Mirrors

There are many other good alternatives, such as paper towels, microfiber cloth, glass cleaning wipes, and cotton pads to clean mirrors instead of crumpled-up newspapers. However, the old tradition of using newspaper has many benefits, which are listed below:

Newspapers Are Always Available

Newspapers are always readily available. They can be bought at your local store or delivered to your house and put in the mailbox. Newspapers are always lying around the house somewhere, as most households do not throw them away because they are used for other things other than cleaning mirrors or windows.

Newspapers Are Cheaper Than Other Alternatives

The cost of using newspapers to clean mirrors is less than that of other alternatives for cleaning mirrors, such as microfiber cloths, glass cleaning wipes, and cotton pads.

Newspapers Are Disposable

Newspapers are thrown away after cleaning mirrors or windows. You do not have to launder them. If one of the other alternatives were used, such as the microfiber cloth, you would have to wash it before using it again.

Newspapers Are Recyclable

Unlike microfiber cloths, glass cleaning wipes, and cotton pads, newspapers can be recycled, which reduces waste. By newspaper being recyclable, one does not have to feel guilty for creating more trash that gets dumped on landfill sites.


Newspapers have always been good for cleaning windows, and they are just as excellent for cleaning mirrors as both are made from glass. Newspapers are super absorbent, lint-free, and have a light sandpaper-like texture. These properties allow the paper to easily soak up the glass cleaner and remove unwanted dust and dirt off of the mirror, leaving the mirror polished, streak-free, and crystal clear.

Many other alternatives are good for cleaning mirrors, such as microfiber cloths, glass cleaning wipes, or cotton pads. However, using newspapers comes with many benefits, including always being available. They are cheaper than the alternatives. They can be thrown away and do not need to be washed, but most importantly, they are recyclable.